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We Believe in Better Ice Cream

See why people love us!

About Us

Conveniently located in the center of Dudley, our store is set up for a quick, and enjoyable experience every time you stop in! Dubbed by our Pharmacists and all of our loyal customers, (or Patients!) Ice Cream Pharm is the best creamery in town! See why we should be your next stop for a sweet treat! With fresh ingredients, unique creations and friendly service, we are here to make your trip to our store an experience that everyone can enjoy!

Smart Cookies with a Simple Idea

Turning your average ice cream into something better with:

Organic Ingredients

New and Unique Flavors

Sugar/Dairy Free Options

Customize to Order!

For the Bold

Even the cold of winter in New England won’t stop us from providing our delicious products to the welcoming community of Dudley. Most may rush for a hot chocolate or tea to gain that instant warmth during these times, but the bold go after their cravings. Those who make their way, ignoring the frigid weather and dragging their friends to that corner store with the ice cream cone on the sign. Left to ponder the selection of Blueberry Crumble, to Maple Walnut, maybe a serving of Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream, or even a tasty Butterscotch Sundae. There are no limitations for the bold especially when it comes to ice cream.

Those are the people we are here for and that is the business we intended from the start. Not to hang with the in-crowd but rather go in our own lane and serve ice cream that is crafted with quality in-store. We want you, the customer to experience this desire to be bold every time you taste any of our products from all rotating flavors of ice cream, or make any of the flavors into a milkshake! Hot Fudge, Donut and Brownie Sundaes to Tropical Cream and Mango Sorbet we are here all year round to serve you!